Jungo isn’t about being the ordinary or boring. It also isn’t about the popularity contest or #girlbosses.  Instead, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know other business owners in your area. Because you never know who can help you next in creating something extraordinary.


JUNGO comes from Latin “iungo” meaning join, connect and bring together. Our mission is to bring business owners like you together and encourage sharing stories in an environment where you feel supported at any stage of the journey.

How it all started

As with every idea JUNGO started with a frustration. Feeling underwhelmed by business networking events that didn’t deliver on their promises, we decided to do something about it and bring networking events to modern times. To us networking is only effective when you leave with a valuable contact and events are only inspiring when you hear great stories and learn something new. And so we decided to base JUNGO events around collaborations and knowledge.

Who are Jungoers?

Our “Jungoes” are business owners who appreciate the power of networking and collaborations. They can be at any stage of business, from pre-start /pre-MVP to expansion. They appreciate gaining general but highly valuable knowledge and are confident in meeting new people. They love sharing their business stories and knowledge.


#Up your social media game

Do you struggle with creative ideas on social media? Do you feel like you spend hours on social media without any real return? Do you want to be on top of you social media game? Then you have come to the right place! Following the success of our last event in May, we are delighted to welcome back the collaboration between local networking group […]

LV x Supreme

When Louis Vuitton confirmed the long awaited rumours of the LV x Supreme collaboration back in 2017, by way of the A/W 17 runway show and pre-show interview with WWD, the world was sent into a spiral of mixed emotions. It may have been quite a shock to see that one of the most luxurious fashion houses in the world […]

Bean & Boy

Collaborations are an absolute must if you want to grow your business. Each week we talk to creative entrepreneurs who embrace collaborations to share their stories, experiences and tips so we can all learn from them and trigger some inspiration and ideas. Today, we’re talking to Stacey Siddons from Bean & Boy . Stacey runs a specialist business making soaps using traditional […]


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